“THE” Post (now i think i understand)

Warning: Super cheesy sentiments expressed below. Avoid reading if you are prone to nausea or general queasiness!



It’s not quite our wedding anniversary just yet, but I always get nostalgic once August rolls around. The last 8 years have been absolutely the best of my life.

We’ve traveled to different parts of the world, moved a few times, bought a couple of houses and completed a number of college degrees. We’ve supported one other in some of our hardest seasons, but we have also had so much fun playing together and just enjoying life. It fills me to the brim just thinking about it!

Sometimes I have even wondered, “how could things possibly get any better than this?” 

But then we heard her heart beat and I thought my own heart might burst. And when I felt her first kicks I wondered “what on earth have we been waiting for?” I think about her nearly every second, and at night I can’t wait to get into bed so that my daydreams meld into real dreams. All this love, SO much love, and we haven’t even met her yet.

Now I think I understand.

See? I warned you. Pretty cheesy, huh?


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