A litany for our world


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My sister-in-law wrote this Litany for her church’s worship service recently. We also used it at my church last Sunday. Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing to be done when it comes to all the injustice and oppression in the world. It is all too much, and I feel like there is nothing I can do. So I do nothing. This is obviously not true. I can give money to organizations working for good; I can volunteer my time to worthy causes; I can sign petitions; I can write my political leaders; I can challenge my local church to be a part of similar things; I can show grace and kindness and mercy to the people in my everyday life, and in this case, I can pray. I’ve been praying this litany each day as one small way to make a big difference in the world. It is my hope that my prayers will not only be heard, but that they will also be daily reminders that spur me to action. Dear friend, may it be the same for you. 

We lift our eyes up to the mountains; where does our help come from?
Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
We pray now for our world, in all its beauty and conflict:
Your kingdom come; Your will be done.
For those in Gaza, Israel, and Palestine…
Lord, have mercy.
For those in Ukraine and the surrounding areas…
Lord, have mercy.
For those in Iraq and Syria…
Lord, have mercy.
For all our sisters and brothers in Christ who are being oppressed and persecuted…
Lord, have mercy.
For those afflicted by Ebola in Africa…
Lord, have mercy.
For children who are victims of violence and political unrest…
Lord, have mercy.
For all those in pain, hungry, and destitute, both abroad and at home…
Lord, have mercy.
May we, Your people, carry Your Presence, Peace, and Love into a broken world.  We look to Jesus Christ as our Light, and to His cross and empty tomb as our Hope; and together we pray:
Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Unfathomable, mysterious God

Unfathomable, mysterious God.
Reveal yourself to us today.
In all we think and feel,
In all we say and do,
In both our intentions and our actions
reveal yourself to us.
Unfathomable, mysterious God.
Be known to us today.
Amidst our doubts,
Amidst our fears,
overpowering our biggest worries, regrets, anxieties,
Be known to us today.
Unfathomable, mysterious God.
Permeate our lives today.
Among our simplest moments,
Among our every joy
May we recognize your presence,
your doing, your being.
Unfathomable, mysterious God.
Touch our lives intimately today.
Though you are unfathomable,
may we know you.
Though you are mysterious
may we know you.
We pray these things
to an unfathomable, mysterious God
who even so,
wants to know us
and be known by us.



A benediction for Grace

Living within us.
Towering over us.
Rising above us and beyond us.
Powerful in all her subtlety.
May we know Grace; taste of Grace,
see Grace in our lives.
May we embrace Grace; live in Grace
May we give Grace, unabashedly
Extend Grace faithfully and totally
May we learn of Grace and from Grace
That we may dance in her freedom,
and rest in her truth
Today and tomorrow.
This week and next.
In all our movements.
Our very breaths.
God grant us
Grace upon