cosette’s lovely nursery

We were doing some pretty big renovations between August and November, so I didn’t get to set up the nursery until fairly recently.

Before then, people would constantly ask if I had a theme. I always told people no, that I just planned on putting whatever I liked in there, and that there would likely be a lot of pops of color. And this is just what we did (by we, I mean my design savvy saviors, Melinda and Fran Pratt) đŸ™‚


I did know that I wanted all of the furniture to be white. And the room ended up having a lot of gold and pink accents, which was unplanned, but it has tied everything together nicely.

The above dresser was Lyle’s moms. She used it to change both her kids’ diapers! How special! We painted it white and replaced the hardware with fun, colorful knobs.


The grey blanket above was gifted to us by Lyle’s aunt Cindy, and the pink one below was gifted to us by my aunt Tina. We love our aunties so much!



My favorite thing about the nursery is that it is packed with meaning. Notice the art:

Top Left: the dreamcatcher was the first thing I bought for Cosy myself. I found it and the Texas print (on separate occasions) at one of my favorite boutiques on South Congress. The canvas painting was done for me by my friend, Frances. I literally sent her this photo from a magazine, and she recreated it! The peonies were painted for Cosy with love by my friend, Ashley, and in memory of Jann.

Top middle: Artwork by Jann, aka the most influential person in my young life and mother-figure to me. She gave me these pieces (look like paintings; actually tiny pieces of paper!), and I have brought them with me everywhere I’ve lived since college. Cosy is named after Jann (Cosette Jann Pratt) so I thought they belonged in her room.

Bottom Left: I attended a Willy Wonka screening while pregnant and got to meet some of the original actors. This poster with their autographs is a reminder of that fun night!

Bottom middle: Fran orchestrated the making of this mobile at my baby shower. So much love and creativity went into it. I love it!

Far Right: Melinda, my mother in law, makes all the babies their own quilt. Twin sized so they can actually make use of it for years to come. I love it so much!


Our hospital bags are packed. Cosy, we are ready to love you!